Sportswear Drops 006 & 007: An Homage to Heritage

We spoke with Sportswear Head of Design, Joelle Michaeloff, to get the low down on the latest drop.


Sportswear Drops 006 and 007 are the latest evolution of our Starting Line-up, and are perfect for the changing seasons.

With the Olympics fresh on our minds, the debut of our NYC Pop-Up Museum and Store opening and the US Open just heating up, this Drop 006 has big summer league energy and honors our tennis heritage in a slightly different way.

“In Drop 006, we look inward and celebrate the players and the team that got us here!” said Joelle Michaeloff, Sportswear Head of Design. “You will see the influence from our past propelling us into the future.” 

In digging through over a century of archives, Michaeloff realized that Wilson has been making "warm-ups" since the very beginning.

“Most of us don’t consider a world in which our cuffs and waistbands don’t stay in place or activewear doesn’t fit snugly and securely,” said Michaeloff. But back in the early 1900s, there was no such thing as spandex or elastic. To solve this dilemma, Wilson used special knitting structures (changing techniques) to help cuffs and waistbands stay up.

Drop 006 and 007 pay homage to that era by using the same jacquard technique on sleeve cuffs. 

“We have spandex now,” says Michaeloff, “so the cuffs have recovery and stay put. But they are honoring who we have been from the very beginning.” 

Look for the cuffs on the Men’s Millenium Crew Neck.

“In making something functional back in the early 1900s, we also managed to create a beautiful, coveted premium product that functioned well and looked amazing,” said Michaeloff. The Sportswear team wanted to repeat history by designing warm-ups that not only honored classic knitting techniques but were also so comfortable that you’d swear they had been part of your wardrobe for decades. Drops 006 & 007 nail that concept.  

To take that well-loved and lived-in feel even further, garments in Drop 007 have been distressed and hand-washed -- creating perfect closet staples to tackle the change of seasons. “We washed each piece to perfection,” said Michaeloff. “No two garments are alike; they are all completely unique.” The hand-washing also highlights the distinctive cuffs.

Michaeloff’s favorite garment from Drop 007? The Fly Crop Sweatshirt -- a customizable crop with all the flattering deatails. “This style launched in Drop 001 but this is my favorite iteration!” she said. “ Washed and distressed just enough.”

Like all pieces in the new Sportswear line, garments from Drop 006 & Drop 007 have infused high-performance tech into classic styles, creating clothing that is as functional as it is timeless. You can explore our latest drops here, and follow @wilson on social to be the first to know about what's next.


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