6 Best Tennis Gifts for Student Athletes

Check out the latest and greatest tennis gifts that are sure to be a hit for your student athlete.. 


Student athletes are a special kind of tennis player. They have big dreams for themselves and the competition is high. What could be better than to give the student athlete in your life the tennis gear they need to succeed?


1. Pro Overgrip

Every student athlete knows, you can never have enough Pro Overgrip! The unsung tennis heroes, Pro Overgrip literally keeps you connected to your racket and, the more you play, the more you need to change it out. Between training and competition, student athletes log hours upon hours of sweaty court time each week and are constantly digging in their bags for a fresh roll of Pro Overgrip. Available in 3-pack, 12-pack and 30-pack quantities, Pro Overgrip makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any avid tennis player.


2. String Reels

String sets are great, but when it comes to competitive tennis, reels are the best value for all those string-breakers. Do a little sleuthing to figure out which string your tennis athlete uses, then see their face light up as you present them with a long-lasting Wilson or Luxilon reel.


3. Blade 98 (18x20)

The most popular racket in men’s college tennis by a landslide, the Blade 98 (18x20) offers high-level players a winning combination of feel and control that essential to dominating points from the baseline without letting them down when it’s time to close with a volley.


4. Ultra 100

This powerful frame is a great option for women’s college tennis players looking to pack a little extra punch on their groundstrokes. Ultra 100 provides all the stability they’ll need to blast the ball past their opponents – insert fist pup here.


5. Super Tour Bag

A quality tennis bag is an absolute must for student athletes. The iconic Wilson Super Tour bag comes in multiple sizes and can carry up 15 rackets. What’s more, this super functional bag is available in a variety of colors including classic Wilson red, Pro Staff all-black, Blade-inspired black and green, Ultra blue and black and several others to match Wilson performance rackets.


6. Custom Tennis Racket

Both the Blade 98 and Ultra 100 rackets are among the many customizable sticks on the Wilson Custom Racket website. Design their favorite racket in the team colors or give them a gift card so that they can add a bit of their personality to their favorite Wilson frame.


If you're out of ideas, a Wilson gift card is always a safe choice and takes the guesswork out of your shopping. Wilson's fully customizable gift cards let your giftee choose exactly what they want from Wilson’s extensive sports equipment inventory.


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