Zooming with Federer and Edberg

Watch one Wilson employee become the envy of tennis fans worldwide!


What do you do when work asks you to Zoom with Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg at 4 am? You say, “hell yeah”, and put on some tea.

In September 2020, as Wilson Marketing Manager, I had the privilege of catching up with the two living legends and get their thoughts on all things Pro Staff; past, present, and future. We had a lot of laughs as the guys talked equipment, tactics, and shared some really great stories, including how Roger came up with the idea for the SABR (sneak attack by Roger) and how Stefan Edberg won his first pro title with just 3 prototype rackets in his bag. Check out the video for these stories and more:



Oh, and while yes, this is embarrassing, below is the moment we talked about when I caught one of Roger’s famous SABR shots back at the 2015 Western & Southern Open. It all comes full circle!



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