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When it comes to designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing the best sporting equipment on the planet, we play to win. Because we’re as passionate about our craft as our athletes are about theirs.

At Wilson, we talk to athletes. We listen to them. Then, we challenge the status quo to create the equipment they need to be their best. We are on a mission: To ignite the true potential in every athlete.

Our passion for sport goes beyond baseball diamonds, tennis courts, or football fields. It’s also evident in our WilsonLABS, our innovation hub at Wilson, and meeting rooms. Because every member of the Wilson team comes to play every day.

That’s where you come in.

We know that great people make us a great company. So we seek to draft the very best. We’re looking to bring game-changers, who have an insatiable drive to take the world of sport to the next level, onto our growing team. We’re not looking for benchwarmers here, but rather hard-working, ambitious, team-first individuals who desire to make a difference —and who love to help others win.

If you’re nodding your head, we want to hear from you. Click the links to learn more.

All Openings

Meet The Team

  • Amanda Lamb
    Global Marketing Director
    Team Sports

    It’s that love of play that inspires product for players at every level on every field.
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    Internet App

    It’s not just about my game-winning moment. It’s about everyone’s.
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  • Anna Guelzim
    Global Marketing Manager
    Racquet Sports

    When you work here, every day you feel like you’re on a mission.
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  • Tom Burns
    Product Line Manager
    Baseball Consumer Marketing

    It was the first time that I saw the passion & happiness that sports can bring...
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Amanda Lamb

How did you get started at Wilson?

I came to Wilson a few years ago as part of our commitment to bring in more marketers to talk directly to consumers. I had always wanted to work in sports after a summer internship with the Oakland A's. I love the start-up feel here even though we are an established century-old brand.

What makes Wilson a leader in the football world?

We might not have the spend of our competitors but we have over a 100 years of expertise engineering product for athletes at the top of their game. We have the longest-standing official ball deal in sports history with the NFL, on a ball that so perfectly delivers on what players need that it hasn't changed its spec in 75 years. We also love to play too. It's that love of play that inspires product for players at every level on every field.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I went to film school at USC. Storytelling is my first love - every good brand has a compelling story behind it. Sharing those stories with consumers is what draws and keeps me in marketing. My favorite part about working at Wilson is seeing and hearing firsthand the respect consumers and sports fans have for our brands. It's contagious and energizing.

What is your favorite game-winning moment of all time?

2017 has been a gem for game winners - the year of the comeback! First Clemson then the Patriots. As a Dodgers fan though my favorite of all time has to be Kirk Gibson's home run.

Any tips for prospective employees?

Be prepared to demonstrate you are willing and able to work outside of a finite job description. The most successful folks at Wilson are eager, willing to pitch in and learn across functions. Creative problem solving and an open-mind make all the difference in making things happen here.


How did you get started at Wilson?

My first experience with Wilson was College Football. The Wilson football was always there. But I was one of the few to wear Wilson gloves, wristbands, socks and the towel. My teammates used to tease me and call me “Mr. Wilson”-- it was more a term of endearment. Even though we have made some upgrades in our glove technology since my playing days, I still think those gloves back then were the best. I always wanted to combine my sports perspective and my technical knowledge. Wilson ended up being the perfect place to do that.

What makes Wilson a leader in the world of sporting goods?

Wilson is the leader in hard goods. Plus we have such a breadth of products. It’s what differentiates us from our competition. Wilson will always be able to be flexible since we dominate the product in hand. No matter what sport you play you’ll almost always touch something with a Wilson logo.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love working in retail in general. There’s always a new season with new products and designs and opportunities to engage with customers. I was bought into Wilson long before I worked here so it feels natural to encourage consumers to do the same with our products.

What is something people may not know about Wilson?

I think people don’t realize what a rich history Wilson has. In a way that’s good because we are seen as a modern brand with a some retro to add character!

Do you have a favorite game-winning moment?

It’s important to have employees that have won and lost. Everyday you’ll need to go back to the days where maybe you were exhausted on the field but still gave a bit more, regardless of whether the outcome was a W or an L. Not everyone has the exact experience I’ve had, but everyone has struggled against something at some point. It’s not just about my game-winning moment. It’s about everyone’s.

Any tips for prospective employees?

We seek employees that refuse to settle for, “good.” We want to be great. My advice to prospective employees is to take time to figure out what makes you great. Figure out how you can apply that specifically to helping customers realize the benefits of stepping up to the plate with a DeMarini Bat or returning a serve with confidence knowing you have Luxilon strings or maybe even making that one handed catch with a Wilson glove.

Anna Guelzim

How did you get started with Wilson Tennis?

About 5 years ago I got a call from a recruiter regarding a marketing position in Chicago. At the time, I lived happily in Boston and didn’t have any desire to relocate… until I discovered the recruiter was working for Wilson and the role would entail managing marketing for their tennis division. As a life-long tennis fan, my heart started racing and a few days later I was interviewing for my absolute dream job!

What, in your opinion, makes Wilson a leader in tennis?

Wilson IS Tennis! We breathe it, live it, and love it every single day. We are obsessed with the game both at work and outside of the office. It is our greatest passion today and has been Wilson’s passion for more than 100 years. Imagine what this kind of love and unparalleled know-how means when it comes to the way we make our products and innovate for the game. In many ways, Wilson and Tennis grew up together. And whenever the game has evolved and changed, we have evolved and innovated alongside it. No other brand knows this game as well as we do. And I truly believe that with all of my heart.

What’s your favorite part about working with Wilson?

I love this brand. It is as simple as that. I love the sports we play, the products we make, the people who make them, and most of all I love the infinite passion that resides within the walls of our offices. When you work here, every day you feel like you’re on a mission. Depending on your role here, you might be on a mission to create the best consumer experience, develop the next best racket the world has seen, or simply work to inspire more people to play tennis!

What is something people may not know about Wilson?

Did you know that Wilson’s roots can be traced back into the meat packing industry?! I am so glad we ended up in sports instead!

What was your favorite game-winning moment of all time?

So many come to mind, but for me it has to be the recent Australian Open final where Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal in an unbelievably emotional match to win his 18th Grand Slam title while also filling with joy the hearts of literally millions and millions of tennis fans around the world.

Any tips for prospective employees?

If your dream is to work here, then persevere until you reach your goal. When it comes to landing a role, it often boils down to good timing. So keep an eye on our career portal to not miss out on a chance to apply when your dream job opens up.


How did you get your start at Louisville Slugger?

I applied for an open position through the “Careers” page of the website back in Summer of 2015. I immediately hit it off with the baseball team (no pun intended) and the rest is history. I took the job as the Product Manager for Louisville Slugger bats and moved with my wife and four boys from Detroit to Chicago that same summer.

What in your opinion makes Louisville Slugger a leader in baseball?

Louisville Slugger is a brand whose 133 year history is completely intertwined with the history of the game of baseball. What’s exciting about working at Louisville Slugger today is that the brand has a tremendous amount of innovation and momentum in the market right now – this comes from our intense focus on understanding the baseball/softball player’s needs (at all levels) and creating bats that make them better. This “player focused” innovation strategy mixed with the confidence of being one of sporting goods most iconic brands has allowed us to push the brand and the game of baseball to the next level.

What’s your favorite part about working with Louisville Slugger?

By far, my favorite part of my job is working with my teammates in the baseball division. My role as a Product Line Manager for bats puts me into contact with a diverse group of coworkers that are all committed to winning. Throughout a development cycle, I rely on a huge team of people to bring a product to the market – from the designers and engineers, to the marketing, sales, & commercial teams - everyone really steps up and contributes to making Slugger bats a success.

What’s something about Louisville Slugger that not a lot of people may know?

Over 80% of the hitters in Baseball’s Hall of Fame were under contract with Louisville Slugger.

What was your favorite game-winning moment of all time?

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, so the one that stands out for me was the 1984 Tigers World Series Championship. I was pretty young at the time but it was the first time I experienced a major sports win. It was the first time that I saw the passion & happiness that sports can bring to people of all backgrounds. I think that that is ultimately what drew me into a career in sporting goods – I like the emotional connection to the product and to the game.

What advice do you have for prospective employees?

Never stop learning. No matter where you are at in your career you can always learn something new from people and situations that come up in your everyday work. If you have that mentality you will always be making yourself better and improving your chances in your career. I have also had some great mentors over the years and I have learned a lot from just watching them work – the best leaders lead by example and you can learn a lot from them.


Wilson offers exciting internship programs in a variety of fields—from strategy and sales to innovation and product development. As an intern, you’ll learn, you’ll discover, but most importantly, you’ll gain priceless experience into what it’s like to make it in the big leagues.




Working for an American icon. Joining a team with a century-long foundation of innovation. Of sports. Of fun. There are plenty of benefits of working at Wilson. Some others include paid time off, competitive health, dental, vision, 401(k), disability, life insurance, transit programs, significant discounts, and flexible spending accounts.


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