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When it comes to designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing the best sporting equipment on the planet, we play to win. Because we’re as passionate about our craft as our athletes are about theirs.

At Wilson, we talk to athletes. We listen to them. Then, we challenge the status quo to create the equipment they need to be their best. We are on a mission: To ignite the true potential in every athlete.

Our passion for sport goes beyond baseball diamonds, tennis courts, or football fields. It’s also evident in our WilsonLABS, our innovation hub at Wilson, and meeting rooms. Because every member of the Wilson team comes to play every day.

That’s where you come in.

We know that great people make us a great company. So we seek to draft the very best. We’re looking to bring game-changers, who have an insatiable drive to take the world of sport to the next level, onto our growing team. We’re not looking for benchwarmers here, but rather hard-working, ambitious, team-first individuals who desire to make a difference —and who love to help others win.

If you’re nodding your head, we want to hear from you. Click the links to learn more.

All Openings

Meet The Team

  • Rich Hulock
    Golf Innovation Manager
    Metal Woods

    My favorite moment is whenever a member of the Wilson Golf Tour Staff wins an event.
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    Senior Global Marketing Manager
    Baseball/Softball Division

    I love our products and seeing everything that goes into making them.
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    Support Supervisor
    Wilson Team Shop

    [It’s] a great place to connect my professional career and my favorite pastime, sports.
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    Senior Materials Engineer
    Team Sports

    Know your sport, know your stuff, and know yourself.
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How did you get started at Wilson?

I was contacted by a recruiter for an engineering position at Wilson Golf, and I was already working in the sporting goods field, which I loved, but golf was a passion of mine. The fit seemed perfect, and I was hired as a Product Development Engineer for Golf Shafts 20 years ago.

What do you think makes Wilson a leader in Golf?

It begins with the Wilson brand and the people behind it. Wilson Golf reaches players of all abilities worldwide with the goal of providing the best equipment available for success and has a great history with more majors won than any other brand, at 62. Wilson Golf is a leader through innovative products that perform, providing the golfer with confidence in their equipment to make the game more fun.

What’s your favorite part of working at Wilson?

The people I work with. There is such a diversity of talent with unique experiences. Learning from new challenges drives passion to create and innovate, helping the team and brand to succeed. There is nothing more challenging and rewarding than knowing that a world class product will be introduced every year.

What’s something people may not know about Wilson?

Innovation is not segregated by product category or brand. For example, composite materials are used in many sporting goods applications in different ways or with a different “recipe”. There’s also material application and test method expertise sharing between groups, such as Wilson Golf, Wilson Rackets, DeMarini and Louisville Slugger, which are key to making successful products.

What is your favorite game-winning moment of all time?

Whenever a member of the Wilson Golf Tour Staff wins an event, such as Gary Woodland at the 2019 U.S. Open, validating that Wilson Golf equipment is world class product played by the best players in the world.

Any tips for prospective employees?

Embrace change as it will happen, be team oriented, keep your mind open for ideas to help accomplish your goal or solve your problem, be passionate about what you do and understand your target audience.


How did you get started with Wilson and DeMarini?

I saw a job posting for an open role on LinkedIn and was connected to my future manager by a business school classmate. They had played hockey together in college…the power of teammates and sport connections came through!

What do you think makes Wilson and DeMarini leaders in ball gloves and performance bats?

We’re good listeners – we want to know what the players need in their equipment, and then we work really, really hard to ensure our products have exactly that.

What’s your favorite part of working with DeMarini and Wilson?

I love our products and seeing everything that goes into making them. By the time it gets to me I have a ton of confidence in promoting them. That confidence makes marketing a product even more fun.

What’s something about DeMarini that not a lot of people may know?

Ray DeMarini started the company on a foundation of insane dedication to performance, and even though he has passed away, his passion and dedication to creating the best performing product for players is still at the forefront of everything we do.

What is your favorite game-winning moment of all time?

I’m a Detroit fan. There aren’t a lot of recent game winning moments – but anything related to the Pistons in the Bad Boys era is at the top of the list.

Any tips for prospective employees?

It’s all about the player – making sure that the products are built for his or her needs and finding ways to speak to them in a voice that resonates and in the places that they’re most interested in hearing what you have to say.


How did you get started at Wilson?

I was born and raised in Michigan and thought I’d never leave. We were on vacation in Tennessee visiting family and I passed the Wilson building in Sparta. I’ve always been a sports fanatic and Wilson has always been a prominent brand name, so it seemed to me like it would be a great place to connect my professional career and my favorite pastime in sports. When my wife and I decided we needed a change and agreed on Tennessee, I knew that the first place I was applying was Wilson and now here I am, with no regrets.

What do you think makes Wilson and Evoshield leaders in baseball?

EVOSHIELD produces some of the world’s best quality sportswear. With our Gel-to-Shell technology we’ve revolutionized the sporting goods industry. I can’t even imagine what we’ll come up with next, but I’d be willing to bet it will be a game changer.

What’s your favorite part of working at Wilson?

Wilson has opened my eyes to how a company should embrace its employees. It truly feels like being a part of a great big family every day. I never really feel like I’m at work, more like I’m at home and Dad needs me to do a few things around the house for him that mutually benefits me as well. Not to mention seeing garments personalized and quality inspected before leaving our warehouse, knowing that we just made a team of kids look great for that big game they have coming up.

What’s something people may not know about Wilson?

In 1913 we were a meatpacking company, Schwarzschild & Sulzberger, in New York. The business expanded into making tennis racket strings, violin strings and even surgical sutures. That quickly turned into producing tennis rackets and baseball shoes. In 1915 we were renamed the Thomas E. Wilson Company. By 1931 we were officially Wilson Sporting Goods Company and in 1941 we produced what would become the industry standard for NFL footballs, “The Duke”, that we all know and love today.

What is your favorite game-winning moment of all time?

That’s easy. June 4, 2008: The Detroit Red Wings win their 11th Stanley Cup! When Henrik Zetterberg scored against Marc-Andre Fleury in the 3rd period, I just knew the Cup was ours again! Maybe some day Wilson can break into the hockey sports world and be a part of that kind of history in the future. (Preferably with the Wings winning another Cup if that’s not too much to ask.)

Any tips for prospective employees?

This company is hands down the best place I’ve ever worked. If you feel like the sports industry is where you want to spend your professional career, I’d start here before anywhere else. Wilson really focuses on improving internally, and it shows.


How did you get started at Wilson?

Growing up, I enjoyed using Wilson products when I played soccer, basketball, and softball. While studying sports engineering in graduate school, I observed that sports companies vary greatly in their authentic efforts to satisfy the athlete. I learned that Wilson really engineered their own products with great care, so I wanted to help! I was so excited when Wilson HR contacted me in 2017 to interview for an open materials engineering position in team sports.

What do you think makes Wilson a leader in the sporting goods industry?

Wilson puts the athlete’s best interests first, which leads to excellent products that people want to use while playing their favorite sports. We are always asking, “What does the athlete want and need?”

What’s your favorite part of working at Wilson?

I have two answers to this question. First, I love innovating team sport products because the research questions are fundamental yet stimulating, while the realized products are so tangible and fun. Second, I’m surrounded by some incredibly smart people, yet they are so humble!

What is something people may not know about Wilson?

People may not think of Wilson as fortune tellers and future-makers, but we are! Wilson is one-part trusted legacy brand and one-part experimentalist.

What is your favorite game-winning moment of all time?

I was thrilled to see the US Women’s National Soccer Team win the world cup this year – especially after the tough loss to Sweden from penalty kicks in the 2016 Olympics – and I hope to see us take the gold in Tokyo next summer!

Any tips for prospective employees?

Know your sport, know your stuff, and know yourself. Seek to help others.


Wilson offers exciting internship programs in a variety of fields—from strategy and sales to innovation and product development. As an intern, you’ll learn, you’ll discover, but most importantly, you’ll gain priceless experience into what it’s like to make it in the big leagues.




Working for an American icon. Joining a team with a century-long foundation of innovation. Of sports. Of fun. There are plenty of benefits of working at Wilson. Some others include paid time off, competitive health, dental, vision, 401(k), disability, life insurance, transit programs, significant discounts, and flexible spending accounts.


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From strengthening local communities through sport, to providing shoes and equipment to those in need, Wilson is involved in many worthy domestic and global initiatives. Which means that as a Wilson team member, you can bring your passions to some of ours—and help make your mark on the world.


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