Wilson Staff Driver vs Driver

Hundreds of Concepts.
Fourteen Designs.
One Winning Driver.

Hundreds of Concepts.
Fourteen Designs.
One Winning Driver.

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  • Chris Adams

    Chris is a 32-year old consulting structural engineer who lives in Denver, Colorado. A golfer since he was young, Adams is combining his two passions – engineering and golf – in his design for season 2 of Driver vs. Driver.

  • Juan Biancardi

    Juan is 41-year old graphic designer from Miramar, Fla., who partnered with his golf coach, Walter Lund, to refine his golf club concept. His goal is the most aerodynamic and adjustable driver on the market.

  • Hank Boomershine

    Hank is a 48-year old former competitive bowler from Perry, Utah, who is partnering with bowling ball designer Victor Marion and leveraging their knowledge of the bowling space into a winning driver design.

  • Jeremy Chell

    Jeremy is a 42-year old mechanical engineer from Madison, Wis., who develops space flight hardware for vehicles traveling to the International Space Station. Jeremy has long been fascinated by technologies in golf equipment, and his design focuses on a forgiving driver for players of all levels.

  • Peter Dreyfuss

    Peter is a 48-year old engineer and accomplished sailor from Naples, Fla., who has 42 patents under his guidance used for orthopedic surgeries. He is hoping his design will bring more people onto the golf course by making golf both easier and fun

  • Scott Haack

    Scott is a 48-year old Inventor and entrepreneur from Chardon, Ohio who loves developing all types of products and says he has always wanted to design golf clubs for a respected manufacturer. His design is as an attempt to take advantage of downforce to increase club head speeds.

  • JD Hefferin

    J.D. Hefferin

    J.D. is a 27-year old real estate analyst and professional poker player from Orlando, Fla., with a fascination for golf club design and an aim of creating an updated version of the square-shaped driver with a more aerodynamic look and feel.

  • Evan Hoffman

    Evan Hoffman

    Evan is a 27-year old industrial designer from San Diego, Calif. who turned his passion for the game of golf into a design he describes as ‘cool and out there, but still feasible’ by removing weight from the internal structure of the club head.

  • Jimmy Huynh

    Jimmy Huynh

    A finalist from season 1 as part of “Team Long Beach,” Jimmy is a 28-year old industrial designer who has returned for season 2 with a refined customizable concept, based around speed which translates into longer distances off the tee.

  • Bob Lockhart

    The oldest designer at 81 years of age, Bob is a product designer and self-described tinkerer from Big Spring, Texas who brings an idea he’s had for 20 years to the table in a bid to see if a stripped-down club with a simple design can deliver better performance.

  • Wal

    Walter Lund

    Walter is a 41-year old golf coach from Miramar Florida who has lent his expertise to Juan Biancardi, one of his students, in hopes of delivering a winning club design.

  • Victor Marion

    Victor Marion

    Victor is a 34-year old currently residing in Spokane, Wash., who is teaming up with Hank Boomershine in presenting their golf club concept. Their background bowling ball design are hoping to lead to a driver design capable of creating more speed through innovating technology.

  • Tim Slama

    Tim is a 22-year old mechanical engineering student at Oregon State University who has his sights firmly on working in the golf space after college. His alien-inspired design is said to provide adjustability, distance and accuracy.

  • Samantha Smith

    Samantha is a recent graduate from the University of Arizona currently living in Las Vegas and working in the medical field. A competitive golfer in high school, Samantha, ‘totally geeked out’ watching season 1 and was inspired to create a driver designed to look good, sound good and feel good.

  • Tim Swiss

    Tim is a 38-year old industrial designer from Carlsbad, Calif., who took inspiration from the Black Widow spider when coming up with his design, an idea he’s been holding onto for just the right opportunity that combines his professional expertise with his personal passion.

  • Allen Zadeh

    Allen is an industrial designer from Brooklyn, N.Y. A competitive tennis player growing up, Allen’s design draws inspirations from his experience designing tennis racquets and watches, focusing on precision and craftsmanship with the hopes of delivering a ‘Wow factor,’ to the judges.