The award-winning, world-class design of the Baiardo is perfect for anyone looking for maximum functionality from a stringing machine. Automatic height and tilt adjustments, anti-gravity clamp bases, user customization features with personal profiles, and a multilingual touch screen are just a few of the signature features that make this machine a top option for tennis clubs and serious stringers around the world.


Baiardo L

Built upon the architecture of the Wilson Baiardo, the Baiardo L places greater emphasis on practicality and efficiency. Lighter and without all the bells and whistles of the Baiardo, this machine features five-tooth clamps for minimal string interference, adjustable mounting posts to accommodate a variety of racquet frame sizes, and a reel rack for added convenience. Ideal for single users who are comfortable operating more manual-oriented machinery or frequent badminton/squash stringers.

Baiardo Baiardo L
56KG/124lbs Weight 44KG/96lbs
7 Degrees Stand Angle 7 Degrees
52in/132cm Max. Height 51.3in/130.4cm
41in/106cm Min. Height 39.5in/100.4cm
Automatic Height & Tilt Adjustment Manual
4 Fingers Clamps 5 Fingers
Anti-Gravity Clamp Bases Twist Locking
Multiple Puller Speed 3
Multiple Pre-Stretch 2
Mulitple Knot Pull 1
No Reel Rack Yes
No Adjustable Posts Yes
Yes Touch Screen No
Yes User Profiles No

Built upon the award-winning architecture and design of the Wilson Baiardo machine, the Baiardo L offers a simpler, more lightweight option for stringers to use.

Baiardo L Setup Instructions

Step 1:

Receive boxes.

Step 2:

Open larger box and organize contents.

Step 3:

Remove floor plate & column from smaller box. Remove 4 screws from base of column with #6 wrench.

Step 4:

Slide foam collar down to bottom of column; mount floor plate to column using foam collar as guide. Attach floor plate with 4 screws.

Step 5:

Screw in reel rack to right side of column.

Step 6:

Remove 6 screws from top of floor stand with #5 wrench.

Step 7:

Lift top of machine out of larger box with a partner. Grab from turntable handle; not the mounting arms or puller head.

Step 8:

Place machine top on floor stand and secure with 6 screws using #5 wrench.

Step 9:

Insert screw into wrench and weave through two tray holes. Screw tightly to install tool tray.

Step 10:

Snap the tool tray into place.

Step 11:

Apply clamps to clamp bases.

Step 12:

Plug one end of power cord into adapter on backside of machine.

Step 13:

Plug other end of power cord into wall outlet.

Step 14:

Turn machine on. Power switch is located on right-hand side underneath the machine.

Step 15:

Your Baiardo L is ready to use for stringing.

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Baiardo/Baiardo L Cleaning & Maintenance Videos

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Monthly Clamp and Glide Rail Cleaning
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Baiardo Manuals

Baiardo L Manuals