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Kelly Reeves

Kelly Reeves


When you fell in love with the game:
At the age of 10 or 11. I remember growing up going to the beach during the summers and would pepper with my mom. She used to play back in the day, and I remember tagging along with her to her practices, shagging balls.
Most fond memory with Wilson in hand:
Playing center court in AVP Chicago 2017. We were up 21-20 in the second, at the service line I remember looking at the Wilson ball and telling myself 'Go for it' I ripped a jump serve, got an ace, and a third set. A memory I will never forget.
Your hardest battles:
Being your own worst critic
Tip for new beach players:
Play as much as you can. The more touches you get with the ball, the better your ball control will become.
Next season I am going to win:
My first AVP event
My volleyball heros :
Misty May and Liz Masakayan
Why you play Wilson:
It's my favorite ball to play with, and one that I touch every single day!