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Fastpitch Softballs

All fastpitch softballs may look the same to the untrained eye. But someone who understands the sport chooses a Wilson softball every time because they know the right ball can make all the difference. At Wilson, we carefully craft the highest quality softballs to meet league standards for size, compression and COR. We also offer a variety of covers and cores to deliver the best ASA softballs, Little League softballs and training softballs in the market today.

Our softball lineup features the A9231, a premium certified ASA softball for players of all levels. This popular choice is a classic and comes in both 11 and 12”. Pitchers love the feel of the A9231’s leather exterior the Super Seam Technology, which allows for better grip due to the raised seams. Younger players are sure to love the A9274 – which offers extra control and durability with the same quality you’ll find in any premium Wilson softball. Little Leaguers can start their journey on the field knowing they’re playing with the best ball available.

Players across all leagues, levels and interests can find the right Wilson softballs to enjoy the game they love. Find the perfect softball for you:

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