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A2000 Fastpitch Gloves

A2000 Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Built for the pros, by the pros. For over a half century, the A2000 has represented the pinnacle of craftsmanship and feel in the game. That same attention to detail and relentless innovation is present in the A2000 Fastpitch lineup today. A2000 fastpitch gloves are built with our durable Pro Stock™ Leather and if you’re looking for something lighter, our SuperSkin™ models are simply unrivaled. No matter what position you play or how you like your gamer, there is an A2000 fastpitch glove for you.

The game’s best pitchers choose the A2000 MA14 GM – the Game Model glove of Monica Abbott. Designed at 12.25”, this model is perfect for grip changes and pitch concealment. SuperSkin™ reduces the weight of the glove and adds durability – both of which are critical for pitchers in today’s game. The A2000 H12 is perfect for infielders, featuring an H-Web with a pocket designed for multi-position players. The 12” length allows you to snag line drives while also getting the ball out of your glove and transferred to your throwing hand quickly.

Designed with insight from players, our A2000 fastpitch softball gloves offer a variety of models that help you elevate your game. Find the right softball glove for you.

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Learn how to break in your new glove to get the perfect feel and shape that’ll help you dominate defensively.