Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Fastpitch Softball Gloves and Mitts

The best players in the world need fastpitch softball gloves that are built with the same demand for perfection as their game. Wilson has long been the leader in this space, creating gloves and mitts that break in perfectly with an unbelievable feel. There’s a balance between feel, fit and function – and our entire lineup of Wilson softball gloves find it perfectly, offering you what you need to play your best all over the diamond.

The star of the Wilson softball glove lineup? The iconic A2000 glove series - designed with insights from the best players in the world, including Team USA stars Monica Abbott, Cat Osterman, Aubree Munro and Kelsey Stewart and longtime pro superstar Sierra Romero. For younger players, the Siren glove series provide the feel of an all-leather glove without unnecessary weight and bulk.

There’s nothing like the connection between a player and her softball glove. Don’t settle for any old glove. Find the glove that’s suited to your game so you can dominate.

Looking for more personalized softball glove options? Visit Wilson’s Custom Glove Shop to customize any A2K or A2000 glove.