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Fastpitch Protective Gear

The game happens fast. Fastpitch catchers need gear they know is up to the job of protecting them behind the plate. Wilson offers gear designed with one thing in mind: greater protection without sacrificing range of motion on the field. With comfort and durability in mind, we painstakingly design each and every piece of our fastpitch protective gear.

Wilson’s C1K softball catcher’s gear is available either as a full kit or you can purchase the chest protector on its own if you already have a set of leg guards you love. All C1K helmets meet NOCSAE standards and Wilson offers two catcher’s gear sets that meet those standards, as well. These kits come with a helmet, chest protector and leg guards – and are available in both adult (ages 15+) and intermediate (ages 12-15) sizes.

As the official umpire gear of Major League Baseball, fastpitch umpires know they can rely on Wilson protective gear to keep them safe, as well. Our line of Dyna-Lite umpire masks have long been the standard in umpire protective and come in an assortment of styles and colors. With a slightly larger face opening, the New-View Steel Umpire Mask offers the comfort and protection of a Dyna-Lite mask with a modified shape for better visibility.

If you prefer helmets to masks behind the dish, the Wilson Pro Stock® Umpire Helmet is constructed from either steel or titanium and provides both full protection and maximum airflow to keep you cool and comfortable on those hot summer days. Wilson’s West Vest Pro Gold and Pro Platinum chest protectors and leg guards offer full umpire protection with removable pads for easy maintenance. The hinged shoulders allow for a better fit and they are built to be longer and have more side protection than other umpire gear on the market today.

Wilson Sporting Goods Company has been manufacturing premium, performance-tested athletic equipment for over a century. Our softball equipment is made to exacting standards and we deliver superior-quality products that foster the enjoyment of the game and enhance the talents of the players. Wilson takes pride in our sports equipment history and innovation, and the company’s mission is to continue to elevate both team and individual sports and athletes’ experiences. Wilson’s extensive line of fastpitch protective gear is designed with the player in mind, from youth players to Olympic-level athletes. All of Wilson’s fastpitch softball equipment comes with free returns if you are not completely satisfied – and you can receive free shipping on all orders over $50.