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Football Tack Spray


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  • You only rack up yards after the catch, if you make the catch. Give yourself and your team the best chance to go long by using our Tack Spray on your Wilson Footballs. A little bit helps bring out the tack, so you know your football will have the best grip every game day.

    Football Prep Brush and Football Prep Conditioner sold separately.

  • Instructions:

    • Spray light coat over each panel up to once a week
    • Brush in with approved Wilson Football Prep Brush (sold separately)
    • Wipe nozzle clean after every use
    • Optimal for leather or composite footballs
    • Approved by NFHS & NCAA
    • Football Prep Conditioner sold separately

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Ball Preparation and Extended Care
A Wilson football works hard whenever you do and it requires your time and effort to make it last. Our ball preparation kit extends the life of the leather and adds tackiness for better grip so that you get all you can out of your football.

How to Prep Your Wilson Football

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