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Super Bowl LIV Official Metallic Football

$39.99 $20.00 50% OFF
$39.99 $20.00 50% OFF

  • Each point scored in every Super Bowl since the games officially began has been scored with a Wilson football. Own your personal piece of that history with the Super Bowl LIV Metallic Football, a shining keepsake to match the Super Bowl Trophy itself, featuring every Super Bowl logo to date.
    • SUPER BOWL OFFICIAL: Wilson is the official football of Super Bowl LIV, and has been on-field for every Super Bowl to date. 
    • EXCLUSIVE METALLIC COLOR: A premium metallic color cover shines like your very own Super Bowl Trophy, ideal for your display case.
    • HISTORIC DESIGN: This trophy ball features a prominent Super Bowl LIV logo, along with logos from all prior 53 Super Bowls.
    • OFFICIAL SIZE: This official size ball is the same size as the on-field game football of the NFL.
    • THE NFL BALL: Wilson is the only official football in NFL history, scoring every point in every game since 1941.
  • Product SKU(s) WTF1748ID54
    Cover Construction Composite Leather