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Weight Training Football


  • At 20 ounces, the Wilson weight-training football builds your strength and your ball handling skills. Use it during virtually any type of drill to gain muscle or simply to help warm up - either way, it will ready you for battle.
    • 20 oz instead of traditional 14, the extra weight aids in building muscle memory to promote better ball security
    • Made from the same leather as the GST football, so it slides seamlessly into your training regimen, with the same feel of a standard ball, only heavier
    • Not intended for passing drills, meant for running drills or run/pass option handoff training
  • Product SKU(s) WTF1255IB
    Ball Size Official - College / H.S. - Ages 14+
    Cover Construction Leather
    Ball Stripe Painted
    Series Training
Wilson Training Footballs

Train Hard, Get Strong

Train Hard, Get Strong

At 20 ounces compared to the standard 14,
the Weight Training ball aids in developing muscle
memory, improved ball retention skills and is perfect
for running drills or just warming up.