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Gear Up For the Tennis Season Bundle


  • US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls
    For the past 40+ years, every point at the US Open has been scored with a Wilson US Open tennis ball. Unparalleled consistency and performance make it the gold standard in tennis, trusted by the best in the game when it's all on the line. Crafted with premium woven felt, this ball is immensely popular for any tennis player serious about their game on the hard court.

    Pro Overgrip
    The grip of choice for many pros on Tour, Pro Overgrip delivers a variety of benefits that sets it apart from the competition. Its super thin, high-stretch felt provides superb feel for an extended period of time. The standard for overgrips in today's game, Pro Overgrip is preferred by players of all ages and abilities for its value, comfort and durability.

    Pro Grip Max 1pk
    Progrip Max is a proprietary lotion that players apply to their hands for improved grip. The lotion evaporates in seconds and deposits microscopic silica particles on the skin. These particles combine with natural oils in the skin to form a fine grade, sandpaper-like moisture barrier on the player’s hands. This barrier significantly increases the friction between a player’s hands and his/her racket handle, thus effectively enhancing grip.
  • US Open Extra Duty Tennis Balls
    • USTA and ITF approved for competitive play
    • Made with premium tex/tech industries felt
    • Extra Duty: Optimal performance and durability on hard courts

    White Pro Overgrip, 3 Pack
    • Used by many pros on tour
    • Thin, stretchy felt provides remarkable feel
    • Durable material for long-lasting performance
    • Includes tape for easy application
    • Three grips per pack

    Pro Grip Max 1pk
    • Keeps your hands dry while providing steady grip
    • Non-stircky or tacky and works within seconds
    • Single application lasts up to 2 hours
    • No-clog bottle allows for easy application 
    • Convenient 2 oz. bottle provides easy portability
    • Used by players on the ATP & WTA Tour
    • Manufactured in the USA