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Youth Minions Bundle


  • Develop your love for tennis with this Youth Minions Bundle, a fun set of Minions-inspired tennis equipment to help players get started in the sport. Choose your racket and balls based upon your age, height, and experience: the rackets range from 17 to 25” in length and the balls bounce more softly than standard adult tennis balls to make the game easier for kids. Bundle also includes fun Minions dampeners for a more comfortable feel on the swing and a junior backpack to carry around your equipment with style.
    • Bundle includes choice of junior racket, choice of starter ball, dampeners, and youth backpack
    • Recommended for ages 9-11: 25” racket, stage 1 tennis balls (4 balls per can)
    • Recommended for ages 6-8: 21 – 23” racket, stage 2 tennis balls (3 balls per can)
    • Recommended for ages 2-5: 17 – 19” racket, stage 3 tennis balls (3 balls per can)
    • Dampeners reduce vibrations for more comfortable feel upon contact with string bed
    • Junior backpack features 2-racket compartment with locking zippers and main compartment with mesh pockets for personal storage