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Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls - 3 Ball Can (4 Pack)


  • The Championship ball lives up to its name with a battle-tested mindset and unquenchable spirit. Sporting Dura-Weave felt for improved durability on all court surfaces, recreational players can have fun and feel confident using this ball anytime, anywhere.
    • Dura-Weave felt lends long-lasting durability
    • Extra Duty: Excellent performance and durability on all court surface types
    • High Altitude: High Altitude core for best performance on courts about 3500 ft.
    • Regular Duty: Ideal for clay courts and indoor surfaces
    • Can includes 3 balls
  • Product SKU(s) WRT100304E
    Ball Class Regular Duty
    Ball Type Recreational
    Color Yellow
    Pack Size 3 Ball Can - 4-pack (12 balls)

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