Tennis Accessories

Wilson Tennis has everything you need to elevate your tennis game. In addition to the big things, like tennis rackets, tennis balls and tennis bags, we have all of the little things that can make a big difference.


No tennis racket string bed is complete without a dampener, a small piece of rubber that reduces the vibration of your racket, as well as the “ping” sound of the ball hitting the strings. What’s more, a tennis dampener is a chance to show a little bit of personality on your racket! Support your favorite NFL team, your favorite color or just display a bit of fun with your dampener.

Bumper and Grommet Sets

Avid players will know, even the best tennis rackets need to switch out their bumper and grommets from time to time. We make it easy to do just that with our Bumper and Grommet Sets, simply choose your racket model from the drop-down menu.


Overgrip is the unsung hero of tennis! This thin strip of fabric not only protects your tennis racket grip but also connects your hand to your racket. Wilson Pro Overgrip is the most popular overgrip with tennis players of all skill levels. Available in a variety of colors, this little roll of fabric will absorb sweat and keep you connected to your racket when it matters the most!