Whether you’re playing tennis for the first time or play competitively, we’ve got the right tennis racket for every kind of tennis player.

The Science Behind Finding the Perfect Tennis Racket

When it comes to choosing the right racket for you and your playing style, there are three specs you want to focus on: weight, headsize and stiffness.

How does weight impact your racket?

The most critical factor when buying a tennis racket is weight. A racket that is too heavy can incur arm, shoulder or wrist discomfort and will slow down your stroke. Conversely, a racket that is too light sacrifices power and can throw off your timing. Most adult strung rackets fall between 9 and 12 oz.

  Lighter Rackets (9-10 oz) Heavier Rackets (11-12 oz)
Pros More maneuverable, easier to
swing and generate spin
More powerful, more stable and
helps maintain control
Cons Less powerful, less stable Higher injury risk and less
Best For Players with slower, more compact strokes –
typically smaller players, juniors or
anyone with arm discomfort
Aggressive players with long, fast
strokes – typically bigger players
in or near their prime


If you are new to the sport of tennis and looking for the right racket to start with, then look no further. You’ll want a lighter racket with a larger headsize, one that generates a good amount of power, and one with a generous sweet spot. Check out the rackets below:

Competitive Player

Whether you have been playing competitively for years or are just starting to play at that elite level, Wilson has the right performance racket for you. There’s a reason the highest-performing athletes in the world rely on Wilson in their biggest moments – our rackets are expertly designed with the most innovative racket technology available. Each family of Wilson performance rackets offers a distinct below to learn which tennis racket is right for you.

  • Ultra Racket Segmentation for Power


    For new and social players looking for a racket that will help them generate easy power from anywhere in the court.

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  • Clash Racket Segmentation


    For players of all levels looking for a frame that will give them the confidence to swing away with all-around control on every shot.

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  • Blade Racket Segmentation


    For competitive players looking to feel more connected to the ball in order to play aggressively and attack their opponents.


    For competitive players looking for a traditional, precision-oriented racket.