Juniors & Kids Rackets

Start your little athlete off right by arming them with the correct Wilson kids tennis racket for their size. When choosing a tennis racket for your child, the first step is finding the right size. Unlike adult rackets, which are categorized by headsize, junior tennis rackets are categorized by length. We have the right length rackets for kids of all ages!

  • Ages 2-4 should use a 17-inch racket or a 19-inch racket
  • Ages 5-6 should use a 21-inch racket
  • Ages 7-8 should use a 23-inch racket
  • Ages 9-10 should use a 25-inch racket
  • Ages 11+ should use a 26-inch racket

It’s important to remember that these sizes correspond with average heights of these ages, so if your child is tall or short for their age, you will want to take that into consideration when choosing the right racket. Our colorful US Open Kids Tennis Racket comes in 19-inch, 21-inch, 23-inch and 25-inch while our popular Roger Federer Kids Tennis Racket comes in 21-inch, 23-inch and 25-inch sizes.

With kids under 9, only their size needs to be considered when choosing a racket. However, when a child is tall enough to transition to a 25-inch racket, you can start taking their on-court experience and skill level into consideration. We have several performance junior rackets that are designed for juniors that play at competitive level.

There’s no exact formula that determines the best age for a junior player to transition to an adult-sized frame but, again, both size of the child and their skill level will need to be considered. When it is time to make that move, take a look at Wilson’s selection of UL (ultra light) models. The Clash UL, Ultra UL v3 and Pro Staff UL v13 are the same size as similar adult-sized frames, but slightly lighter and ideal for transitioning juniors.