Tennis String

Tennis String

For many, choosing a tennis string can be even harder than choosing a tennis racket! Good thing Wilson Tennis offers a variety of strings for every kind of player and a little guidance in How to Choose a Tennis String. Available in Sets and Reels, Wilson makes a wide variety of tennis string including multifilament tennis string, polyester tennis string, synthetic tennis string, natural gut tennis string and hybrid tennis string sets.

If you are looking for power from your string, then we recommend checking out Wilson NXT Power or Wilson Synthetic Gut. Those after control will want to try Wilson NXT Control, and those after comfort should check out Wilson Sensation or Wilson NXT. Competitive players will also find Wilson Natural Gut a great control string.

How often you restring your racket depends on how often and how hard you play. Avid players, or parents of competitive juniors, may be interested in becoming at home stringers. For this we recommend the Wilson Baiardo L Stringing Machine, a smaller yet just as capable version of the Wilson Bairardo Stringing Machine that is used on tour.

The final piece of the stringing puzzle is determining what tension to use when stringing your racket. This depends greatly on what type of player you are, what kind of string you use and what benefit you’re looking for from your string.

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