AVP Recreational Volleyball

WTH6207ID, WTH6204ID

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  • Play the game the way it was meant to be played with the AVP Recreational Volleyball. Designed for everyone, the durable and high-performing ball offers you the chance to team up with your friends and enjoy the best sport on the beach. 
    • Synthetic leather cover for enhanced durability
    • 18-panel, machine-sewn construction for optimal shape retention
    • Butyl rubber bladder for extended air retention providing a reliable touch every time 
  • Product SKU(s) WTH6204ID, WTH6207ID
    Collection AVP
    Ball Cover Construction Synthetic Leather
    Ball Playing Surface Beach
    Ball Size Official

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Out there, it's anyone's game. At any given time, one hit is all that stands between you and victory. Nothing is given. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing, except the Wilson volleyball. The product of tireless innovation, the Wilson volleyball is built to meet the standards of the AVP and exceed the expectations of the game's top competitors. 

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Choose the ball
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