Manhattan Beach AVP Official Game Ball


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  • This exclusive Manhattan Beach AVP volleyball features sunny California’s iconic coastline.  Designed in-house by Wilson artists, these limited edition AVP volleyballs are still playable and offer premium graphics for better spin detection.  Each ball also has a microfiber composite leather cover that provides that superior touch and feel AVP players have come to love.
    • Manhattan Beach graphics
    • 18-panel, hand-sewn expert construction and craftsmanship enables deep groves for better hand control and wind resistance
    • Premium microfiber composite leather provides greater resistance to dirt and less moisture absorbency to maintain proper weight and feel
    • New superior graphics for improved ball spin detection & contemporary design
    • Performance Elastomer Bladder engages a likable responsiveness promoting control and power plays
    • Overall construction provides strong durability and shape retention giving the player continuous reliability
  • Product SKU(s) WTH6003ID
    Collection AVP, AVP City Ball
    Ball Cover Construction Premium Microfiber Composite Leather
    Ball Playing Surface Beach
    Ball Size Official
    Approved By AVP
    Color White / Yellow

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Out there, it's anyone's game. At any given time, one hit is all that stands between you and victory. Nothing is given. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing, except the Wilson volleyball. The product of tireless innovation, the Wilson volleyball is built to meet the standards of the AVP and exceed the expectations of the game's top competitors. 

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  • Wilson AVP Volleyballs

    Built for the Beach

    The official ball of the AVP for more than 20 years, our latest edition features great new graphics and a cool update of the traditional color scheme.

  • Wilson AVP Volleyballs

    Made to Last

    Expertly constructed to handle every pass, every set, and every hit. Game after game, the premium composite leather cover offers superior durability and enhanced control.

  • Trusted by the Best

    With the endorsement of the sport's elite athletes, Wilson is a leader in pioneering premium beach volleyball products.

  • Wilson AVP Volleyballs

    All-Around Consistency

    Easy to play in all weather conditions, the soft feel of the Wilson volleyball makes for better rallies and enhanced control on every touch.

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