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El balón oficial de la WNBA. Ardiendo en fuego y blanco.

Mujeres rudas que desafían audazmente las expectativas, en los tribunales y en las comunidades de todo el mundo. Estamos aquí para eso. Junto con mujeres excepcionales que juegan el juego en sus propios términos, nos estamos preparando para una nueva temporada de representación, atletismo y camaradería. Ahora, la pelota oficial de la WNBA, Wilson está lista para iluminarla con Fire and White.


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Progressing through radical love, the WNBA redefines basketball on its own terms with unapologetic representation on and off the court animated by Fire and White. Now on the roster as the official WNBA basketball, Wilson is proud to assist these badass ballers playing the game by their own rules.

As the original official NBA basketball, Wilson has been a leader in the game for decades. Grounded in our basketball roots, we strive to push the limits of innovation and creativity to deliver the best experience for WNBA fans and all of our basketball family. The official WNBA basketball in addition to each piece of WNBA gear are expressions of our love of basketball and basketball culture.

If you’re looking for official WNBA gear, then you’ve come to the right place. Each tip off, play, highlight, high-five, half-time and post-game interview are opportunities to celebrate the game and culture that bring us all together.

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