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Minions Stage 1 Tennis Ball - 4 Ball Can

6,90 €

  • Commemorating the wildly popular global Minions phenomenon with a minions-inspired felt logo print, the Minions Stage 1 Tennis Ball features a lower compression for slightly slower, more playable bounce characteristics. This ball bounces 25% lower than regular tennis balls, which gives players a greater opportunity to hone their strokes and focus on form as they continue to evolve their game.
    • Slightly slower and easier to hit than regular tennis balls
    • Perfect for practice on full-size courts
    • Se suele utilizar con raquetas de entre 25" (63,5 cm) y 27" (68,6 cm)
    • Features minions-inspired logo design on the ball
    • Cuatro pelotas por tubo
  • SKU del producto WR8202501001E
    Colección Wilson x Minions
    Tamaño del paquete Tubo de 4 pelotas