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Blade SW102 Autograph Tennis Racket

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290,00 €

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  • The Blade SW102 Autograph pays tribute to Serena’s relentless pursuit to cement her legacy not only as an unrivaled champion on the court but also as a transformative inspiration for many generations to come. The racket's unique design includes a gloss gold trim at the tip and a host of inspirational words on the inside of the throat that describe Serena's incredible journey to stardom. Serena tasked Wilson Pro LABS with creating a racket that increased control without sacrificing her legendary power - the result is a frame with a slightly smaller head size for added feel. Racket also features Countervail for reduced vibrations and arm-friendly comfort.

    *This racket ships unstrung. Select from the stringing options above and the Wilson team will string the racket for you.

    Instrucciones de encordado

    • Serena's Personal Racket
    • Integrated Countervail Technology maximizes player energy, consistency and precision Design features black elastic matte base with gloss finish at 3 & 9 and tip
    • Inside of throat lists words of inspiration to describe Serena's journey
    • Braided Graphite construction delivers a pure, classic feel Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response
    • Instrucciones de encordado
  • SKU del producto WR059111U1, WR059111U2, WR059111U3, WR059111U4
    Colección Blade V7
    Sección transversal Barra plana de 22 mm
    Tamaño de la cabeza 102 sq in (645,2 cm²)
    Patrón del cordaje 18x19
    Equilibrio sin cordaje 12,9 in (33 cm)/8 pts HL
    Peso sin cordaje 306 g
    Longitud 28 in (71,1 cm)
    Series Blade
    Tipo de jugador Ávido competidor
    Benefit Feel
    Grupo de edades Adulto

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Wilson Blade SW102


Wilson LABS, the innovation hub at Wilson, spent nearly a year working with Serena Williams playtesting new prototypes to create a racket that better supported her signature power while enhancing control in order to earn Grand Slam #24. The result? The all-new Blade SW102 Autograph racket. The SW102 is two inches smaller in its head size than her previous frame. Although a seemingly minor change, the decreased head size allowed Wilson LABS engineers to modify the racket’s flex points throughout the frame to add the level of control Williams was looking for without impacting her signature power. Serena Williams and Wilson LABS co-developed and play-tested nine different racket prototypes before ultimately landing on the finalized SW102.

Wilson Blade SW102


The SW102’s cosmetic design is all about Serena. There are multiple design cues on the frame speaking to Serena’s story, including a combination of Wilson signature black and Serena’s favorite color, gold, a “Be Seen. Be Heard.” call-out (one of Serena’s favorite sayings) inside the frame, and perhaps the most interesting design element…a statement inside the throat of the racket speaking to those Serena wants this racket to represent. The statement reads: This is a celebration of one woman - and every woman; on and off the court. It’s about the greatest-of-all-time record breaker – and all breakers of chains, boundaries, limitations, obstacles, and everything that stands in the way of fierce women bent on a mission to meet their highest aspirations. This is for all indomitable mothers, daughters and sisters, resilient business women and entrepreneurs, outsiders and underdogs, little girls with crazy dreams and unflinching women of color. This is about women who defy odds, about overcomers from humble beginnings. Women who work hard for everything they get, women who give no less than 100%. This is for women who believe in something. Strong women who believe in themselves or those who won’t stop until they do. This is for women who turn fear into courage and doubt into confidence.

Wilson blade and Wilson Blade SW102

Acerca de Blade

Diseñada para los potentes golpes actuales, la raqueta Blade es la más utilizada por los profesionales en el Tour por una razón: una sensación imponente.Las varas más finas y flexibles ofrecen una conexión y sensación sólidas con la pelota, lo que inspira a los jugadores a atacar a sus oponentes y controlar los puntos.Equipada con una serie de patrones de cordaje, tamaños de cabezal y peso durante el swing, esta gama versátil cuenta con un fino diseño para la siguiente generación de jugadores atacantes.


Una evolución de la vanguardista tecnología FreeFlex de Clash, FeelFlex genera una sensación más conectada a la pelota a la vez que complementa mejor la trayectoria moderna y vertical del swing.El diseño patentado al carbono está colocado estratégicamente en todo el marco, lo que proporciona estabilidad y flexibilidad adicional en el golpeo a la vez que mantiene la sensación Blade que ya conocen y adoran los jugadores.


Braided Graphite + Basalt es una combinación de materiales reactivos que mejora la flexión de la raqueta. Esta evolución de la tecnología Wilson BLX mejora el contacto de la pelota con el cordaje para proporcionar una mejor sensación y control.