Smashstar Shuttlecocks - 6 Tube White

15,00 €
15,00 €

  • Engineered to withstand heavy smashes, the Wilson Smashstar Shuttlecock is comprised of a nylon skirt and natural cork base for optimal flight characteristics. Available in three speeds, these Smashstar Shuttlecocks feature bright coating for evening visibility. Tube includes six shuttlecocks.
    • Hi visibility bright white shuttlecocks
    • Premium nylon skirt and natural cork base
    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor play
    • Engineered for durability and consistent flight characteristics
    • Speeds available: 77,78,79
  • Référence(s) du produit WRT6050WH77, WRT6050WH78, WRT6050WH79
    Shuttlecock Material Nylon
    Conditionnement 6 Pack
    Gender (localizable) Non