Tour 100 Shuttlecocks

70,00 €
70,00 €

  • Boasting feather quality that is second to none, Tour 100 Shuttlecocks set the standard for premium, tournament-grade feather shuttles. Available in four speeds, each Tour 100 is individually flight-tested for maximum precision, consistency and speed control. Approved for use in Badminton World Federation.
    • BWF-approved for all international tournaments
    • 1 Dozen tournament-grade premium shuttlecocks
    • Top grade feathers and premium cork base
    • Individually hand-tuned and flight-tested for precision and accuracy
    • Speeds available: 76,77,78
  • Référence(s) du produit WRT60220076, WRT60220077, WRT60220078
    Shuttlecock Material Feather
    Conditionnement 1 Douzaine
    Gender (localizable) Non