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Mini ballon de basket Wilson Autograph Basketball

19,95 €

  • An autograph is more than just a signature, it's also about what is being signed. The signatures of your favorite players, team or coach belong on the same ball they use in the game. Built for beyond the game this is the Autograph ball.

    • MINI SIZE: A proper fit for miniature novelty use
      • BLANK CANVAS: Signature-ready smooth white surface, built to document your autographs
      • GRAPHIC: The classic Wilson logo and look
      • HALF COVER: Part of the exterior is covered in the classic leather look
      • USE: Not intended for game play use, built for display 
      • DEFLATED: This ball is deflated for shipment, and will require inflation before play
    • Référence(s) du produit WTB0503
      Collection Non
      Construction à panneaux Non
      Construction de l’enveloppe Panneaux Autograph
      Taille de la balle 3
      Surface de jeu Non
      Gamme Non
      Gamme Wilson
      Type de balle Autograph, Display
      Type de joueur Kids
      Affiliation Non
      Gamme Non
      Genre Non
      Gender (localizable) Non
      Catégorie de joueurs Non
      CTA Override Message Non