A9011 NFHS Leather Polycore Softballs

  • Recommended as a High School Game Ball, the A9011 features a Compression Controlled Polycore along with Super Seam Technology, allowing pitchers to play with better control and easier location for fielders.
    • Cuir
    • Freq. Matched Optic Yellow
    • SST Seams
    • Coutures rouges
    • .47 COR
    • 375 lbs Comp.
    • Compression Controlled Polycore
  • Référence(s) du produit WTA9011BSST
    Structure centrale Compression Polycore
    Construction de l’enveloppe Cuir
    Diamètre de la balle Non
    Structure des coutures SST
    Structure de l’enroulement Non
    Conditionnement 12 Pack
    Gender (localizable) Non