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US Open Junior Bundle

24,30 €

  • The perfect starter set for kids and juniors looking to get into tennis, this US Open Junior Bundle includes all of the necessary essentials to learn the fundamentals of the sport. Depending on age and height, this bundle features a range of fun, US Open-themed tennis rackets to choose from. For each racket length, Wilson recommends a compatible starter ball that plays softer and slower to make the sport easier to learn. Bundle also includes US Open vibration dampener, tennis ball keychain and tennis cap to inspire the next generation of tennis stars.
    • Starter tennis designed for beginner junior players
    • Choice of junior racket: 25” recommended for ages 9-10; 23” recommended for ages 7-8; 21” recommended for ages 5-6; 19” recommended for ages up to 5
    • Choice of starter ball: Orange recommended for 23-25” rackets; Red recommended for 21-23” rackets; Foam recommended for 19” rackets
    • US Open vibration dampener enhances shock absorption for a cleaner, more comfortable feel one every shot
    • Youth Tour W Cap equipped with adjustable hook and loop back closure for a comfortable fit
    • Tennis ball keychain features real tennis ball felt on miniature Wilson tennis ball
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    Collection Gear Up For Tennis
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