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2020 A900 12.5" Baseball Glove

99,95 €

99,95 €

  • This 12.5" A900™ baseball glove is made for ball players looking to get an edge on the diamond. This model, available in a left- and right-hand throw, comes with a Single Post Web and is perfect for covering ground in the outfield.

    The A900™ series of Wilson baseball gloves has a clean old-school look with its British Tan and Black leather with classic Wilson Gold and Black logos. Even better -- grounders, line drives and fly balls don't stand a chance with a glove that's ready right away. There's no long winter break-in or sore knuckles punching the leather. Your A900™ will be ready when you are.
    • 12" (30,48 cm)
    • Sacca con una striscia di rinforzo singola
    • British Tan and Black Leather
    • Struttura a doppio palmo (lato anteriore)
    • Interamente in pelle
    • Low profile heel (front side)
  • SKU prodotto WTA09RB20125, WTA09LB20125
    Value of the size ND
    Serie guantone A900
    Posizione Utility

A900 Block grid

  • Full Leather Construction

    The A900 expertly breaks in and conforms to your hand.

  • Game-Ready

    Youth players can pick up the A900 and hit the field right away.

  • Comfort & Stability

    Maximum pocket stability so your glove stands the test of time.

  • Flexible, Forgiving

    The low profile heel opens the palm and pocket, helping you handle bad hops