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Pallone da football in materiale composito TDJ - Junior

34,95 €

  • The TD Composite football is built to perform when game day comes around. It is the perfect alternative to the GST family created for our more experienced athletes. The TD Composite is made for competition delivering a soft touch that is easier to grip and catch. Although it boasts a softer more forgiving touch, it remains just as durable as all of our other game balls ready to take on your season with you.
    • JUNIOR SIZE: Typical regulation size for older elementary school players sometimes through middle school, ideal for ages 9-14
    • TRANSFER STRIPES: Double white grip stripes offer extra fingerpoint grips when throwing to create a seamless spiral
    • UNRIVALED CONTROL: Patented Accurate Control Lacing (ACL), which is pebbled instead of smooth, provides 174% more grip in all conditions
    • COVER MATERIAL: Durable composite leather cover combines to offer amore affordable alternative to our famous GST family of game footballs
    • APPROVED PLAY: Approved across AYF and Pop Warner for on-field play
    • SHIPS DEFLATED: This ball is deflated for shipment, and will require inflation before play
  • SKU prodotto WTF1713X
    Value of the size ND
    Dimensione del pallone Junior - 9–12 anni
    Struttura del rivestimento Pelle composita
    Approvato da AYF, Pop Warner