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Utility Baseball Gloves

Similar to players who take the field all over the diamond, Wilson utility gloves offer exceptional game-readiness. Ballplayers of all ages will love the soft, but sturdy Wilson A1000 utility gloves. The line of A1000 gloves is offered in all the Pro Stock patterns that make Wilson the most popular brand in the game. These gloves feature a full-grain leather shell, lining and laces in various sizes for an optimal fit.

The Wilson A900 lineup offers a range of gloves for both right and left-handed players that are game-ready with a quick break-in. A900 gloves are designed with a front side Double Palm construction and a low-profile heel. These features ensure greater and pocket flexibility to field ground balls.

The Wilson A700 is another budget-friendly option available in a variety of size. The 11.25” H-Web model is ideal for middle infielders looking to quickly transfer the ball. The 11.5” H-Web A7000 glove is another optimal infield model, while the 12” and 12.5” models might be better suited for outfielders ready to track fly balls and take away base hits.

Looking more glove options? Visit Wilson’s Glove Shop to explore the full lineup.