Building a Gamer with Matthew Boyd

See how Detroit starting pitcher Matthew Boyd worked with Wilson to build his 2021 gloves.



Detroit pitcher Matthew Boyd built four custom A2000® B125 gloves for the 2021 season, a trio of which are designed for in-game use. The left-handed pitcher designed separate gloves to pitch with in home games, road games, and rainy weather conditions. Boyd’s 12.5” gamers come in three distinct colorways.

“I’d love to do a Blonde that we always do and a SuperSkin Navy,” Boyd said. “And then this year I want to use a road glove, and I’d love to do that in Orange Tan.”

Over a Zoom call, Boyd built new gloves with Wilson Senior Glove Designer Ryan Smith. With Smith, Boyd designed a Blonde A2000® featuring Navy Blue Bold Logos with White outlines, and an Orange Tan A2000® featuring White Bold Logos with Navy Blue outlines. The third gamer, a Navy Blue A2000®, will boast Spin Control Technology™ in the palm and a SuperSnakeSkin™ back to cut glove weight and improve durability.

Boyd said he likes having a SuperSkin™ glove for throwing in wet weather, especially in the offseason when he is training at home in Washington. He decided to make the switch from SuperSkin™ to SuperSnakeSkin™ for 2021.

“Can we go SuperSnakeskin?” Boyd asked. “I throw so much in the rain up here (in Washington). It’s awesome.”

The SuperSnakeSkin™ material, designed to offer a lighter alternative to leather without absorbing water weight or sacrificing performance, gives Boyd a sharp new look in a durable third glove.

Boyd’s fourth custom glove – a 2021 A2000® B125, specially crafted to a 12.75” length – will be reserved exclusively for the practice fields. With the 12.75” A2000, Boyd decided to mix things up with some wild leather to use in the bullpen or while shagging balls in the outfield during pregame batting practice.

“Let’s go Navy palm, White outside, White (SuperSnakeSkin),” Boyd said. “I can use it in the pen and it won’t be too over the top.”

Boyd’s 12.75” A2000® B125 is one of one, specially made for the Detroit pitcher. The White SuperSnakeSkin™ back complements the Navy Blue Pro Stock Leather Palm and Web for a crisp look with some of his club’s colors. White Bold Logos with Navy Blue outlines pop off the wrist and web.

“I like it a lot,” Boyd said. “Put the American flag in the palm. That’d be kind of cool.”

Boyd personalized all four of his custom gloves, writing his name out on each thumb with Wilson embroidery. On his Blonde and Orange Tan A2000® ball gloves, Boyd wrote “Audience Of One” on the ring fingers. On his two Navy Blue A2000® gloves, he wrote “Impossible Never Stopped You” in the same spot.

“Oh man, I’m excited,” Boyd said. “I’m excited for all of them. They’re all unique.”