Building a Gamer with Sean Doolittle

See how Cincinnati relief pitcher Sean Doolittle worked with Wilson to build his 2021 gloves.


Cincinnati relief pitcher Sean Doolittle grabbed the baseball world’s attention in 2020 when he unveiled his custom ball gloves for the year, a group that included his red A2000® XLC with Tie-Dye SuperSkin™. In 2021, Doolittle wanted to boost his glove game once again, so he took to Zoom with Wilson Senior Glove Designer Ryan Smith to design a pair of new gamers.



To personalize his first custom glove, an A2000 XLC with Black Pro Stock® Leather, Doolittle took inspiration from Metallica — one of his favorite rock bands — and their song that usually greets him to the mound.

“I’ve used ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ as my intro song for a really long time, and I wasn’t sure if we could come up with something for (the thumb) that was like a bell and a lightning bolt,” Doolittle said. He went on to describe his vision of a silver bell with a yellow lightning strike coming out of the bottom.

Doolittle imagined the bell and lightning bolt embroidered on the thumb of his glove, and he requested red Wilson logos on the wrist and web to match his red laces. To make the red logos stand out, Doolittle asked for silver outlines that would match the color of the bell. His A2000 XLC will check in at 12.25” and feature a Dual Hinge Web, helping the reliever conceal the ball and his grips on the mound.

When designing his second custom glove for the new season, Doolittle let his ideas run wild. One suggestion, though, emerged as the perfect theme for glove number two.

“The other idea I had was a wolf, maybe howling at the moon,” Doolittle said. I rock a lot of wolf tees to the ballpark, and I think wolves are really sick.”

That thought jumpstarted Smith’s creativity, and the two went back and forth imagining how to place a howling wolf on the glove’s thumb.



To give his wolf-themed glove some extra bite, Doolittle opted for Black SnakeSkin™ on the back, a pattern certain to intimidate opposing hitters. Smith recommended making the wolf silhouette in grey or white to pop off the Black SnakeSkin.

“Yeah, with a yellow moon,” Doolittle responded. “And then you could keep the logos yellow. Black everything else out, so it’s kind of murdered out and those logos and the silhouette are the only color on the glove.”

After getting his first look at the digital glove design, Doolittle was already thinking about life on the mound with his new leather.

“That’s like easy plus-three miles an hour on your fastball,” he said. “That is nasty.”

Doolittle spent the remainder of his virtual glove design session brainstorming new ideas with Smith, including new colorways to outdo his attention-grabbing Tie-Dye pattern. Stay tuned for more from @whatwouldDoodo this season.