Building a Gamer with Tim Anderson

See how Chicago shortstop Tim Anderson worked with Wilson to build his 2021 gloves.




Shortstop Tim Anderson always brings flair to his play on Chicago’s South Side, showing off his personality with his performance and his glove. Anderson followed his breakout 2019 campaign with a stellar 2020 season at the dish and in the field, and now the Wilson Advisory Staff member is gearing up for another year of anchoring the middle infield in Chicago.

Over a Zoom call, Anderson built new gloves with Wilson Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso and Senior Glove Designer Ryan Smith. Anderson, a fan of Wilson’s lightweight and durable SuperSkin™ material, wanted to keep his current Gray and Black colorway in his new A2000® TA7 Game Model glove. The shortstop then opted to trade in his beloved SuperSkin™ for SuperSnakeSkin™ after seeing the material on a teammate’s glove.

“The SuperSkin was definitely dope,” Anderson said. “I want to try the SnakeSkin. I saw the SnakeSkin on (Jose) Abreu’s (glove).”

SuperSnakeSkin™, designed to cut weight while improving glove longevity, offers a sharp new look to Anderson’s gamer. After previewing his new A2000® with SuperSnakeSkin™, the shortstop was hooked.

“I’m definitely feeling the SnakeSkin,” Anderson said, “and you know I’m going to make the glove look good anyway.”

Anderson regularly made his glove look good last season, flashing the leather to steal base hits from opposing batters. In the shortened 2020 season, he posted three Defensive Runs Saved in only 49 games, helping him to a top-seven finish in MVP voting.

Anderson brought dozens of ideas to his glove design session, incorporating new colors and textures to the A2000® TA7. He gave his glove some pop with Red outlines around Wilson’s Bold Logos, and he finished it off with a stamp of his personal TA7 logo.



Anderson, a husband and father, wanted to carry his family with him each time he takes the field. When personalizing his glove, he wrote “PK2” on the thumb, representing his daughters Peyton and Paxton. On the ring finger, Anderson wrote “Bria,” the name of his wife.

In addition to his Black and Gray gamer, Anderson built a handful of gloves to save for special occasions in 2021.

“I’m definitely excited about this,” Anderson said of his game model. “You’re going to have everybody mad at me because I’ve got the freshest gloves.”