How to Re-Lace Your Baseball Glove Wrist Strap

Learn how to re-lace the wrist strap on your favorite Wilson A2K or A2000 from the Glove Guru himself, Shigeaki Aso.


If you’ve got a Wilson ball glove you absolutely love and you’re just looking to tighten up the fit, you can always re-lace the wrist strap on your A2K or A2000. You’ll need a Wilson A2000 Glove Care Kit or your own glove care tools to get started.


  1. First, you’ll untie and remove the lace from the wrist strap. If you’re new to this, the wrist strap is located on the pinky side of your glove near the Wilson logo on the wrist.
  2. You’ll then take out the lace and poke a hole in the tip of it before threading through the piano wire needle. Choose your new fit by lining up the wrist strap and the wrist base using the pre-punched holes in the leather.
  3. Next, you’ll run your lace down through Hole A and Hole 3 (identified in the video above) and then take the needle diagonally under the wrist strap and pull up through Hole 6. Be sure to leave a few inches of lace – you’ll need that later.
  4. Then, you’ll put the lace up through Hole D and down through Hole C.
  5. Now, you’re ready to pull the lace down through Hole 5. Take your needle diagonally under the wrist strap and up again through Hole 4. Pull it up through Hole B and Tie off the lace ends in Hole A and Hole B with a double knot.

Now you’re ready to hit the field. Remember, if you need more tips on Glove Care and Break-In, you can always check out our YouTube channel.