The History of Wilson Baseball & Softball

For over a century, Wilson has led the innovative charge in baseball – and in recent years, fastpitch, as well.  


Baseball – and baseball equipment, including gloves, has changed in countless ways since the early 20th century. They’ve evolved from cumbersome, bulky, and hard-to-use as an extension of the athlete’s body. That evolution began with the introduction of the Wilson A2000 – and continues to this day.

In 1957, instead of designing gloves based on what they believed the masses needed, the Wilson glove team sat side-by-side with the best professional players in the game, asking questions and taking notes on what each type of player wanted most from a glove. These craftsmen brought their leather-working kits with them – cutting and redesigning gloves on the spot, building them specifically for each player’s game. They then took these designs back to the factory, combining notes and feedback. The end result? The A2000 – the iconic design from which all modern ball gloves stems.

Over the decades, Wilson Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso has transformed ball gloves. Of course, he developed some of the most popular patterns ever used – including the 1786 and 1787, as well as the 1790 catcher’s mitt. He revolutionized the game again in the late 1990s with SuperSkin. Aso started with the material used to cover Wilson’s Evolution basketball – knowing it was durable and moisture-resistant. After some fine-tuning, he got the material to the point he felt it could replace leather portions of a baseball glove to help reduce weight. When he delivered the new glove design to Bonds himself and witnessed his reaction, he knew that he’d been successful. And, thus, SuperSkin was born.

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