Baseball and Softball Glove Materials: SuperSkin

What is SuperSkin? Learn about the lightweight and durable Wilson ball glove material.


Wilson Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso changed the ball glove game when he introduced SuperSkin™ in 1997, and the ultra-light material has altered the way players look at their equipment. SuperSkin delivers durability and water resistance in extreme weather conditions, and players prefer the lightweight option for maximum control on the field. Wilson A2K® and A2000® baseball and softball gloves with Pro Stock® leather and SuperSkin are built to last, and it’s easy to maintain SuperSkin and keep your glove ready for game action all year long.

Wilson Senior Glove Designer Ryan Smith describes SuperSkin as the premier synthetic material in ball gloves, and SuperSkin is easy to maintain with only a few products.

“A damp rag with water is all you need to keep SuperSkin in the best shape possible,” Smith said. “Just wipe it off and then let it dry. It is really a maintenance-free material.”

A simple cleaning will remove the stains of infield dirt and outfield grass from SuperSkin shells on Wilson A2K and A2000 ball gloves. SuperSkin does not require any other cleaning materials or products like Mink Oil Glove Paste or Pro Stock Glove Conditioner, but Smith said players can give their SuperSkin gloves some shine with a unique cleaning substance.

“If you want your SuperSkin to look new and shiny, I suggest using some interior car cleaning protectant, the same wipes or material you might use when washing your car,” Smith said. “Spray a little on, then spread it with a cloth. It shines up really nicely.”

Baseball and Softball Glove Materials: The SuperSkin Advantage

Wilson SuperSkin, a microfiber material based on the shell of the Evolution Basketball, reduces glove weight while enhancing longevity and moisture resistance. This material, which Aso invented for legendary outfielder Barry Bonds, has endured the test of time and remains among the most popular glove options today.

Professional baseball and softball players like outfielder Mookie Betts and USA Softball star pitcher Monica Abbott prefer SuperSkin for its unique qualities, including its ability to hold up and perform in wet weather conditions.

“It’s just light,” Betts said of SuperSkin. “When it rains, it doesn’t sit in the leather. I think the most important thing for me is just that it doesn’t get heavy. Standing out in the outfield, when you’re running, you have a nice light glove on.”

Abbott’s Game Model glove features White SuperSkin across the back. The standout pitcher said she prefers the material because it gives her an extra advantage when reacting to batted balls on the fast-playing infield.

“Softball’s a fast game, so if I can cut off a little bit of that extra weight on my wrist to react faster, I want to use that,” Abbott said. “I really like the SuperSkin. The glove handling is so much better with it, for me.”

What is SuperSkin?

SuperSkin is the premium synthetic material in ball glove manufacturing. Durable, lightweight and moisture resistant, SuperSkin provides an alternative to leather for players in search of maximum glove control.

SuperSkin’s moisture-resistant quality keeps gloves light in all weather conditions. Rather than taking on water weight, the SuperSkin shell forces rain and dew to bead and roll off the back of the glove. The latest SuperSkin A2K and A2000 baseball and softball gloves feature expanded SuperSkin coverage around the back of the glove web and wrist. This expanded use of SuperSkin on the full shell of the glove further reduces glove weight, allowing for total control.

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