Get to Know Mexico Shortstop Anissa Urtez

Meet Mexico's Shortstop before she showcases her game on the world’s biggest stage.


Mexico Softball wasn’t supposed to make it this far, but Anissa “Niss” Urtez and her teammates knew they had a special group long before qualifying.

“The entire tournament we stuck to our plan,” Urtez said. “We took a one game at a time mindset that helped us thrive until the end. When we beat Canada to seal our spot, I was in tears. I love my team!”


With her sights set on Tokyo, Niss wants the softball world to know she’s a player to keep your eye on in 2021. Batting at the top of the order and commanding shortstop for Mexico, she is bound to turn some heads. “I want the fans to think I’m one of the best defensive players that they’ve ever watched. I also have the attitude of wanting to make the great play. I hope that people watch and say ‘Wow that girl is amazing on defense.’ I want those fans to know that I’m out there playing for them, giving them everything I have, and that I’m going to give them a good show.” 

On the field, Anissa Urtez trusts her custom Wilson A2000 PP05 to help her made those tough plays.“I have used an 11.5” glove ever since high school. It feels light on my hand and helps guide me with control to the ball.” Knowing which pattern she wanted, her last step was making the glove her own, which she focused on tying back to her heritage. “I always gravitated towards brown gloves with colorful accents. I added “Mexicana” on the thumb to represent who I am: a strong, Latina athlete. It reminds me to be courageous and resilient at everything I do.”

That courage and resilience came from a strong tie to family, a legacy that’s been passed down from her father’s parents, both of whom were of Mexican descent. Urtez lost her grandparents in the past year leading up to the games, but she still keeps them with her in everything she does.

“My grandpa was everything to me. He was like a second dad – supportive, funny, loving and sassy. My grandma is my Mexican blood; she was the leader of the pack, bringing her children to the states for a better life. She was the strongest woman I know. She’s a big reason why I love representing Mexico. I’m lucky to have two guardian angels watching over me!”

When the first pitch is thrown, Niss will embrace the moment and be ready to leave her mark. “The only time you have is now, so you have to fully embrace where you’re at. I want my legacy to be that I gave it everything I had, 100% fully buying into the system and to my teammates. You only get to do this once, and I won’t be taking it for granted.”

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