New Tennis Bags for 2021

Find a Wilson Super Tour Bag for every kind of competitive player.


Patrick Kuhle, Wilson Tennis Contributor

We all know how serious competitive tennis players are about their equipment. While choosing the right racket and string is important, often overlooked is finding the right tennis bag. Many of the newer bags not only help you organize your equipment but can also help to preserve it. Below, I’ve put together a summary of the latest update to our most popular men’s and women’s tennis bags, the Super Tour Collection, to help you find which bag is best for you. Enjoy!




For Those Who Compete & Commute

The Super Tour tennis backpack is great for players who want to bring a few rackets on their commute, those looking to upgrade their tennis tote bag to something more performance-oriented, or those who just prefer a smaller-sized tennis bag. This backpack features a padded pocket that can hold up to 2 rackets, as well as a ventilated pocket for shoes or dirty clothes, a laptop/tablet sleeve in the main compartment, and an insulated side compartment so you can keep snacks or water cooler for longer.




For Those Who Pack Light

The 6-pack is the thinnest, full-size racket bag in the Super Tour line. Featuring 2 main compartments, one of which is insulated with our Thermoguard lining, this bag holds up to 6 rackets. If you don’t have 6 rackets, you can always use one of the compartments for your extra clothes or shoes. It also has 2 large side pockets for your phone, keys, extra grips…really whatever you need to store. Finally, this bag features reinforced side panels for long-lasting durability, and removable backpack straps, so you can carry it as a backpack, over one shoulder, or even remove the straps and just carry it by its handle. This versatile bag is a great option for tennis players starting to compete who need extra space compared to their old backpack or tote.




For the Competitive Junior

The 9-pack is a slightly wider version of the 6-pack and includes all the same features mentioned above, but as the name suggests, can hold up to 9 rackets. Remember that the two main compartments aren’t designed just for tennis rackets…you’ll have plenty of space to store everything you need to be prepared for your next match. I’d recommend this bag to competitive junior players traveling every weekend to tournaments, or even to someone who likes to keep old rackets in their bag next to their new ones to pull out when they feel like reminiscing.




For the Ultimate Competitor

Does anyone really have 15 rackets? Outside of the pros, not many. However, this bag was designed for the ultimate competitor. Featuring 3 main compartments, 2 of which are insulated with Thermoguard, you’ll have plenty of space to preserve your rackets and string tension from extreme temperatures. Unlike the 6- or 9-pack, the 15-pack features a separate, ventilated shoe compartment so that you can store your kicks while keeping your bag smelling fresh. And finally, this bag comes with the removable backpack straps, side pockets for extra gear or personal items, and reinforced side panels to protect the bag and equipment from excessive use. If you’re looking for our best tennis bag with all the bells and whistles, look no further! 




For a Little Something Extra

And finally, if the 15-pack still can’t fit all the equipment you need on court, our Super Tour Small Duffel will finish the job. This duffel features 1 main storage compartment for clothes or gear, a separate, side pocket for shoes, and its plastic feet will keep the bottom of the bag from getting scratched up. This bag can also carry a few rackets if you don’t mind the handles sticking out…many prefer to use it as a substitute to a tennis tote or backpack.



Whatever you might need, the Super Tour Collection has a bag for you. Oh, and if you’re looking for a minimalistic tennis bag, the 15-pack, 9-pack, and backpack all come in black.

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