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EVO NXT Barmer League Game Basketball

89,95 €
89,95 €

  • The next evolution of the game is here, and it starts beyond the arc with the Wilson Evo NXT Game Basketball. The Evo NXT’s revolutionary Extended Range Tech redistributes the weight of the ball with an advanced internal construction, making the ball easier to shoot from long range. Now guards are a threat the second they cross half court, and every big is a stretch big. With a Micro-Touch cover that provides an extra layer of grip and moisture management, and a Super Soft Core that provides exceptional control and a softer feel, the Evo NXT is the basketball shooters having been dreaming about.
    • UPDATED OPTICS: The other features of this ball are things you can feel but can't see. This new ball dawns a fresh color, in a brighter orange. Delivering better on-court visuals, as well as an updated look that athletes can't miss.​
    • ENHANCED TOUCH: The Evo NXT's Super Soft Core gives extra cushioning for better control and softer touch around the rim.​
    • MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: The Micro-Touch Cover uses an extra layer of texture on the pebbled cover to create a double-layered grip that channels away moisture. ​
    • EXTENDED RANGE TECH: The core construction redistributes the weight & balance od the Evo NXT, making it easier to shoot from long range. ​
    • FIBA APPROVED: Approved for play by the Fédération Internationale de Basketball​
  • Artikelnummer(n) WTB0965XBBARM
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