Three Things to Know About Wilson Sportswear Drop 003

We sat down with Wilson Sportswear Head of Design Joelle Michaeloff to get the details on Drop 003.  



How were the garments in this drop inspired by Wilson’s heritage?


Joelle: Coming off of Drop 002, we wanted to include more of an American twist because it is so relevant. Being a 106-year-old company, when we looked back on all of our old catalogs and history, there are these amazing graphics and these touchpoints that are very patriotic in tone. So as we were planning our first season, we thought, “what a perfect opportunity to show people some of that.” We looked through all of Wilson’s archives and created a line that feels like an extension of what Wilson has done for over a century. Because nobody else can do that.

So, you'll see things like an American flag graphic placed on the left chest. It has a loose representation of an American flag with Wilson displayed under it. That was directly pulled from a vintage sample we had. There are all sorts of very cool marks and designs that existed throughout Wilson’s history, and we decided to bring those back and to make them feel modern and cool, but still have that nostalgic vibe.

Some of the vintage Wilson garments (pulled straight from our archives) that inspired Drop 003.


Why will everyone love the items in this drop?


Joelle: They're fun and they're playful and they're for all things, from sweating to hanging out. One of my favorite pieces that we're launching in this drop is the women’s Hollywood Retro Short. It’s based on a 1970s play short. [In the 70s] you'd see them on every age group while they were running or playing sports. We wanted to bring that back. So that's where we took something iconic and vintage and brought it into today. The short is quick-drying, has four-way stretch, plus pockets and secure storage. So you can do anything in these shorts and feel covered and super cool and relevant for today.

In men's, one of my favorite pieces that you'll see in this collection is actually a sweatshirt. I know it's July, but it’s a red/white/blue sweatshirt and it says Wilson across the chest and it's just so powerful and awesome. It makes me so proud to see Wilson in that way and in that fun color blocking. The whole collection, both men and women, really goes together. So, it's very mix and match and every piece was made to coordinate or go with the rest of the story and the previous delivery in Drops 001 & 002.



Did you channel any specific athletes or Wilson Ad Staff while designing that drop?


Joelle: For sure. So, Wkwesi is one of Ad Staff members that I was able to meet earlier on, and we had given him the sweatshirt, a version of the one I mentioned earlier was with Wilson across the chest. Wkwesi has been pictured in this versions long before we launched - he rocks it so well and he’s such a great partner and ally of the brand. Whenever I look at that sweatshirt I now think of Wkwesi. We also designed this line as we were developing our Ad Staff roster and we were talking to all of them. So, absolutely in everything we designed, we were considering, “are we dressing our awesome Ad Staffers and all of our athletes?” There’s definitely a piece that I would love to see Beija in for example. She has her own personal cool style. It's the Fly Crop.

It’s actually one of my personal favorite pieces in the entire six months of products we designed. it's the hoodie version and it's very understated and cool. It's really oversized and you can wear it super loose and relaxed and you can wear it with the drawstring cinched. So with the way Beija styles herself where she sorts of plays with both men's and women's products and really stylizes them, I could see her rocking that and wearing it multiple ways.

And the McKibbin brothers, I want to make them a stars and stripes shorts like we made for women! After getting to know them - I instantly saw an entire collection come together around their personalities and how they play off each other in the game and in life. I could go on because I think our Ad Staffers are incredible. We considered them and channel them all throughout the design process!



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