Keep Your Glove Game-Ready with Wilson

Get tips and tricks from the Wilson Glove team on keeping your glove ready for action.


Some of the best players in the world count on Wilson Ball Glove Product Manager Ryan Smith to keep their A2K or A2000 gloves tuned up and ready for action. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your go-to leather is at its best year-round.


Here's How Ryan Keeps Pros' Gamers Fresh:

1.) This is a great time to condition glove using our Mink Oil Paste or Pro Stock Conditioner. Apply to dry areas, but don't over-do it. Let your glove sit for 24 hours before using it again.

2.) Re-shape your glove, using an 11" softball. Put it in the pocket area and tie a sock around it. Let your glove sit overnight in a place that's not too dry.

3.) Re-lace your glove by contacting one of our authorized Glove Care Centers around the country. When a glove is re-laced, it can often stiffen up so you can take time to re-form it afterward.

4.) Clean your gamer using a damp cloth or rag and let it sit and dry naturally.



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